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    We have had requests for information for starting units in the following areas. Please use the form on the “About Us” page if you are from one of these areas and we can put you in touch with them!

    Jacksonville, FL
    Denver, CO
    Royal Oak, MI
    Kansas City, MO
    Portland, ME – unit plans to have their first meeting on 10/1!
    Evansville, IN (added 10/9/17)
    Miami Beach, FL (added 1/4/18)
    Appleton/Green Bay, WI
    Woodland, CA
    Lebanon, IN

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    Could we please add Evansville, IN to the list of possible sites?


    Please add Appleton/Green Bay wi.to interested sites



    Also add Woodland, CA.My email is rronhanson@yahoo.com please email me with any beneficial advice or information.


    Hi, I live in Miami Beach. My pastor expressed interest in starting a Calix meeting. I wanted to give him a phone number and name to speak to someone about this. In addition, he would like to speak to Calix’s Spiritual Director so the Archdiocese can understand the spiritual tenets of Calix. Also, I haven’t seen notices of online meetings. Who do I contact?


    Hi, I would like to add that I am the AA member and my pastor sees this as a service to our community. His role would be to assist and liase with the diocese. My email is cgf@christineflorez.com

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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